Riggin Flight Service was started in 1947 by Wayne Riggin, who was a PT-19 instructor during WWII. He offered flight instruction and aerial crop spraying services in Devils Lake, ND. In 1961, Wayne moved his business, and his family, to Milbank, SD where his son Morris grew up in the cockpit of airplanes from the ripe old age of 6 months. Morris did his first solo flight on his 16th birthday in his dad’s Super Cub, which Morris now owns.

When Morris turned 18, he got his CFI and his aerial spray license. After graduating high school, he went to Lake Area Vo Tech in Watertown, SD where he received his A&P license. Morris obtained his CFII and MEI at the age of 22. Morris then began spraying and giving flying lessons for his dad until 1980. He then went on to start his own business in 1981.


Since then, Morris has also flown for Schwann’s Red Baron Squadron, flew freight in Cessna Multi-engine aircraft, and has been a bush pilot in Alaska. He has also added glider and seaplane ratings to his license and plans on getting his helicopter rating soon, so he can add helicopter training to his business. Morris is also a designated pilot examiner examiner and offers a computer testing center; so that our customers can do all of the things they need to do to get their license all in one spot.

Riggin Flight Service had been in business for 70+ years and we hope it will remain in business for many, many, many more.