Designated Pilot Examiner

Morris Riggin is an examiner and can give any of the exams for any of the training we offer. Even if we haven't been doing your training, Morris can give you your exam. Even if you have started your training somewhere else and for whatever reason you did not or cannot finish there, we will be happy to help you finish and get whatever rating or endorsement you were going for.

Remote Pilot Examiner

Looking to get your remote pilot certification, Morris is a remote pilot examiner.

PSI Testing Center

Have a test to take? We provide FAA written tests through PSI Online. Walk-ins are welcome 7 days a week.

Mechanic Services

Certified mechanic on hand to service your aircraft needs, repairs and annual inspections.

Pilot Services

Have an aircraft and need a pilot for the day. Our pilots can do the job!

Ag Aerial Spray

We offer both liquid and dry aerial application to help during your growing season.

Sorensen Spray Systems

Agricultural equipment. Belly tank spray units.