Private Pilot

Have you always wanted to soar in the sky, to learn how to fly? We can get you your Private license no matter how old you are. Begin your training in our Super Cub, Cessna 140, or J-3 Cub and get your tailwheel endorsement at the same time! We also offer training in a Cessna 150.

Sport Pilot

Not sure if you can pass a medical exam in order to get your Private Pilot? Then come get your Sport Pilot license with some training in a light aircraft like our J-3 Cub. All you need is your driver's license.

Tailwheel Training

If you want to get your tailwheel endorsement, RFS is the place. Train in either our Super Cub, Cessna 140, or J-3 Cub.

Multi-Engine Rating

Do you want to fly something a little bigger that has more than one engine? Whether it be for pleasure or business, come to RFS and get your training in an easy to fly Piper Apache.

Instrument Training

If you need to get your instrument rating, we can help. We have a Cessna 150 and a Cessna 140 that can do the job!

Ag Pilot Training

Have you seen those Ag planes flying low over the fields and thought "I want to do that!"? Maybe you are already in the business and have young pilots that need training, then send them to RFS, one of only a very few schools in the country. If you don't have your Private Pilot license we can get you your Private all the way to your Ag in a matter of about 3 months.

Bush Pilot Training

Plan on going to work or do you live in a remote area? Maybe you own a ranch and need to check on your cattle after a storm, during calving season, or to check for predators. Then come to RFS to learn how to fly with tundra tires or skis (requires a good amount of snow).

Seaplane Training

Take off and land on the beautiful Lake Madison while training to get your seaplane rating. In just a few hours of training, you can take your exam and award yourself with a Seaplane rating.

Finish Your Training

Even if you have started your training somewhere else and for whatever reason you did not or cannot finish there, we will be happy to help you finish and get whatever rating or endorsement you were going for.